1. 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

    When selling your home in Northern Colorado, it’s only reasonable that you want to do all you can to increase the value of your home; however, it’s also reasonable that you don’t want to invest too much on a low return on investment. In today’s blog, we’ve gathered 10 of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value.  If you’re staying awake at night wondering, “how do I sell my …Read More

  2. 5 Ways to Save Money Selling Your Home

    According to the Coloradoan, Fort Collins’ average home price in 2019 was $430,887. With the average realtor fee being a whopping 6%, you’re looking at paying your seller $25,000. There has to be a way to save money, right?  Here at Mountain State Realty, we believe there is. As real estate agents in Northern Colorado, we believe the current pay structure is outdated and unfair. As a homeowne…Read More

  3. Selling Your Home During COVID-19 – What You Need to Know

    You don’t need us to tell you that COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) is all anyone has been talking about lately. And for good reason — this is a pandemic that’s unprecedented to our current population, and one that’s leaving its mark on society in a big way. This is certainly true in Colorado, which is becoming one of the US’s higher-ranking states in terms of total infections. We’re strongl…Read More