Windsor Real Estate

Windsor is known to be a “suburb of a suburb” as the much larger neighboring city, Fort Collins, is in itself known to be a suburban city. People who live in Windsor have easy access to everything that people in Fort Collins do, it just takes a little extra commute. It is relatively common for families living in Windsor to have kids enrolled in Fort Collins schools.

Windsor has an amazing community filled with genuine people and amazing views of the great Rocky Mountains. One attribute

Windsor is known for is the number of lakes it has. The biggest lake is appropriately named Windsor Lake and is 2.25 miles around. During the winters, some of these lakes are used for ice skating and ice fishing.

For the weather, just like the rest of Northern Colorado, the summers are hot and dry with sporadic rainfall, colorful and vibrant autumns, mild winters with a few snowstorms, and fairly rainy springs.

Windsor has many of the typical suburban complexes throughout its neighborhoods, making it which is perfect for the quiet living lifestyle a family looks for, or just to live comfortably. Interested? Make sure to contact us to set up a meeting or if you have any questions!